My take on Minimalist eating

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Decluttering, hands down, is one of the best therapies ever. More space, less furniture. More life, less deadlines. The generation today understands the value of quality over quantity and believes in adding more value to every aspect of their lives, instead of trying to quantify them to measure their worth. Basically it’s all about the experience and not the number of experiences. In various art movements, minimalism is a concept that promotes the idea of living with less than a hundred things. This includes the bare minimum basics.

Same goes for food and food habits. The current evolution in food culture emphasizes on the inclusion of various spices, sauces and flavors for the experience they bring with it. Such foodie experiences, once in a while, can boost your mood and give you the necessary change you need from your regular food. What one doesn’t realize is, the spices and ingredients in most of these processed foods can play with our hormonal balance, affecting our emotions, moods and sentiments.
Minimalism in food  is a simplified approach to cooking your daily meals wherein you strike the balance between the time, convenience and ingredients required to cook a particular meal. The idea is to make your favorite meal with minimum organic ingredients without having to compromise on the taste. Pros? Innumerable. Cons? None.

Here are seven advantages of going minimal while cooking.

  1. You understand your spices better.
  2.  You are only getting fitter with every meal. Less oil, less spices and more food.
  3. Less actually is more. Your system will digest your meals better thereby bettering your metabolism.
  4. Decluttering of every kind only makes you calmer than ever. More space in the kitchen once you get rid of unnecessary spices and ingredients.
  5. A healthy you is a happy you. A properly functioning digestive system will help you detox regularly thereby making you glow in and out.
  6. You spend less time cooking and more time doing other important things.
  7. Last but not the least, you realize that it’s always the quality of life and the experiences and not the quantity.

Tell us what you think about living a minimalist life.

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2 thoughts on “My take on Minimalist eating

  1. Kajal Raimalani says:

    Absolutely right I completely agree on quality over quantity and ofcourse space is important ingredient in our life as well as for our digestive system.

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