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Seriously does something like seasonal diets even exist? Yes it does, our ancestors believed and followed it. According to celeb nutritionist Kashish Alimchandani its very important to incorporate and avoid certain food options during specific seasons. She further adds “Our body undergoes changes as seasons change. Our circadian rhythms have an influence due to the difference of periods of daylight and darkness this definitely boosts or slows down our metabolism which impacts the body weight causing gain or loss. Variety is also healthy for our bodies; by changing our food pattern according to what’s available in seasons you are less likely to develop food intolerances”.

Nature provides the ideal harvest for each season to keep you healthy, energized and cheerful. Seasonal eating contains certain inherent wisdom that communicates scientifically with the body, which signals it to burn fat, gain muscle and drop or maintain weight with ease. In her years of research and experience she has observed that what sabotages one’s weight loss goals is a plateau in weight which leads to a lack of motivation to kick start their process again. In most cases during this phase people try to eat less and workout more thinking this might be a shock for their bodies which may create fat burn and weight loss. But here Kashish suggests instead of avoiding or eliminating food they should focus on eating more seasonal and local produce. She encourages them to relax and reduce their workouts for a few days and trick in comfort foods by slightly increasing the food portions in the diet charts designed by her especially for them. Distinctly it leads to weight loss. Ceaseless hours of training sessions and bird-sized food potions do not give success at weight loss but can eventually lead to micronutrient insufficiency. Here balance and consistency is the key. Building a lifestyle around seasonal food facilitates the body’s natural healing process. Hence to support health and achieve weight loss she highly recommends you to incorporate these powerful 5 in every season.


  1. Stews / soups / broths
  2. Peppers.
  3. Nuts.
  4. Heaty grains (millets).
  5. Herbal infusions with cinnamon.


  1. Salads vegetables with proteins.
  2. Stone fruits.
  3. Basil seeds.
  4. Coconut water.
  5. Cooling grains like (wheat/rice/quinoa).

Monsoon Season:

  1. Fenugreek seeds.
  2. Basil/turmeric in herbal teas infusions.
  3. Lentils and Beans.
  4. Whole grains (quinoa/broken wheat/rice/bran chappatis).
  5. Garlic

(Especially to be avoided during monsoon dairy/seafood/green leafy veggies and excessive salt).

All Season.

  1. Ginger.
  2. Turmeric.
  3. Pumpkin.
  4. All green leafy veggies (except monsoon).
  5. Fresh seasonal vegetable and fruits.
  6. Green tea
  7. lemon.
  8. Prunes.
  9. Eggs and meat.
  10. Yogurt and buttermilk.

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