Why women need to make their health a priority

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Women often forget to recognise the thin line between adjusting and compromising. We always prioritise ourselves based on how others want us function. Little do we realise that amidst all these little ‘adjustments’, we actually completely neglect our mental and physical health. We fall prey to this vicious cycle where we prioritise others over our ourselves, end up hampering our health, and stress over the minutest of problems leading to more damage. Most women I have met, assume that health can be taken care of later in life. “I’ll eat healthy once my child is done with her exams”, “I’ll begin exercising once I complete this huge project”, but why do you not realise that fitness is a way of living and not a task that you could complete after you tick off others on your to-do list. How you breathe, walk and eat has got a lot to do with how you deal with the daily challenges in your life. Hence it is imperative for women to first, and I repeat it, first set a fitness routine for themselves and then get to the various roles they play. If you are wondering where to begin from, here are a few tips that will set the background for you to adopt a healthy living.

  1. Drink enough water once you wake up
  2. Never skip your breakfast. Your breakfast is the fuel you need to get through the busy day ahead of you with ease
  3. Feel hungry more often? Make healthy snacking a habit. Stick to yogurt, sprouts and fruits whenever you feel like snacking at odd times
  4. Stick to light and early dinners.
  5. Don’t focus on weight-loss. Focus on being your best version. Physically, emotionally and mentally
  6. Go for long brisk walks. Do a physical activity at least for half an hour every day
  7. Keep stretching every hour and you’ll realise how much your body needs timely movement. Join a Yoga class if possible. Yoga is known for its calming effect on people
  8. Keep a food journal of sorts to keep a tab of what you eat and when you eat
  9. Celebrate little successes. They matter more than you think they do
  10. Lastly, don’t fall prey to these fad diets. Your body needs all the nutrients in definite proportions and it is important you get them sufficiently.

Comment below for any queries. Tell us how you keep yourself physically and mentally fit.

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