5 reasons why you should cut down on processed foods

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A huge part of our daily diet consists of an assortment of processed foods. Right from butter, milk, spices, and other foods that we eat on a daily basis, to pasta, noodles, and oats. Every single food item that we consume has been processed to some extent, and there’s no denying that.

To break it down for you, processed foods are food items that go through degrees of chemical and physical processes so as to change their form, or preserve them longer.

While they are convenient and in most cases delicious, too, know that there are more pros than cons of consuming them frequently.

Here are five reasons why you should avoid consuming packaged or processed foods that often:

1) They are full of preservatives
Preservatives increase the shelf life of packaged foods. Preservatives are known to promote the growth of cancer cells and cause a hundred other heart and mental disorders. Some of them are chronic in nature, too.

2) Presence of BPA
BPA is Bisphenol made from crude oil which is harmful for human consumption. BPA is used to kill rats during lab trials. The plastic coating inside most packaged foods contains BPA. Imagine how harmful it can be for your health if you consume food from these packets frequently.

3) High in trans fats
To reduce the production costs, most manufacturers use hydrogenated oils to make these foods which are high in trans fats. Trans fats lead to oxidation and inflammation of the body and increase the risk of heart diseases.

4) Difficult to digest
Because of their long shelf life, packaged foods are very difficult to digest. They make you feel bloated and uneasy, causing discomfort while sleeping.

5) Severely lack essential nutrients
You might feel like snacking on some of these packaged snacks so as to conveniently get rid of those uncertain hunger pangs. Know that packaged foods severely lack the essential nutrients that constitute a balanced diet.

If you have been thinking of quitting processed foods for a long time, know that the time is now. Stick to freshly cooked meals as much as possible.

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